Company Registration (R600)

Step 1: Complete the Form in 5 mins  | Step 2: Make Payment | Step 3: Have Your Documents delivered into your Email within the specified Turnaround time

The company registration process can be quite a time consuming excercise and an intimidating one. Although there are different types of company registrations or formations such as Non profit companies, Private Companies, public companies, and Co-operative etc., this form caters only for private company registration as it is the standard form of registration for all start-ups. Should you wish to wish to register an NGO, an NPC, or a Co-operative, contact our support

#What You Get

Reserved Company Name

Company Registration Certificate

Share certificates for all shareholders

Income Tax Registration Number

Business Bank Account (FNB or Bidvest Bank)-OPTIONAL

BEE Certificate OR Affidavit

BEE Certificate For SMEs (R300)

BEE Affidavit (Free)

Share Certificate (R300)

Business Profile (R500)

Personal or Employee Tax Registration (R250)

Import License OR Export License (From R1000)

Business Plan (From R3000)

NGO/NPO Registration (R1000)

Non-Profit Company- NPC Registration (R600)

NPO Tax Registration Number (R500)

PBO Tax Exemption (R1999)

Co-operative Registration Including Constitution ( R900)

Business Account (Free)

PAYE and UIF Registration -SARS (R500)

PAYE,UIF & SDL Registration -SARS (R700)

UIF Registration -Labour (R500)

Letter Of Good Standing -UIF (R500)

CSD Registration (R300)

COIDA Registration Only (R500)

Letter Of Good Standing-COIDA (R500)

COIDA Registration PLUS Letter Of Good Standing (R799)

CIDB Registration Grade 1 to 9 (From R1200)

Company Director Change (R400)

Company Address Change (R250)

Company Name Change (R600)

Annual Return (Our Fee- R250)

Drafting of Contracts & Partnership Agreements (FROM R700)

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