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What You Need To Know Before Starting a Security Company In South Africa

PSiRA Registration is a must for all security companies. It is unlawful to run a security company in South Africa and it is impossible and unlawful to get a  security contract or tender in South Africa without being registered at PSiRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority). The primary objective of PSiRA is to regulate the private security industry and to exercise effective control over the practice of the occupation of security service provider in the public and national interest and in the interest of the private security industry itself. Once a company becomes regsitered at PSiRA, It will be listed as a registered, verified and legitimate Security Company.

Requirements For PSiRA Registration (For Business)

  1. Company Registration Documents
  2. Member’s (Director(s), Partner(s), Trustee(s) and Managers must be registered as a security service provider with Grade B
  3. Tax Clearance Certificate
  4. VAT Registration Number
  5. PAYE Number 
  6. UIF Number- applicable only if already registered with the Labour Department 
  7. COIDA registration number- applicable only if already registered with the Labour Department 
  8. Business Plan for 1 year
  9. Declaration of a business’s capability to operate for the next year
  10. Immovable office premises (An office with the basic office equipment)

PSiRA Registration Fees

You would be required to incure the following cost in your pursuit of obtaining a PSiRA Membership

  • Application: R6750 (Non-refundable)

NOTE: Proof of payment is required to be attached to your application. The PSIRA registration fee 2021 is only for registration. Once the business is registered, it will still be required to pay for the pro-rata portion of annual fees for the remainder of the financial year. Annual fees are payable whether your company is in operation or not.

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As you might have noticed, one of the requirements for registering a security company in South Africa is that the member’s (Director(s), Partner(s), Trustee(s) and Managers must be registered as a security service provider with Grade B. We can assist you in obtaining a security Grade B through our accredited service provider. The requirements for an individual to register as a security office are as follows

  • Be 18 years of age and older,
  • Be a permanent resident of South Africa,
  • Not have committed any of the scheduled criminal offenses listed in the Private Security Industry Regulation Act,
  • Have completed training at an accredited training centre,
  • Not be a member of any official military, Security Police or intelligence force in South Africa or elsewhere (Clearance certificate is required for former members),
  • Pay applicable fee for registration

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Please be advised that we are currently not accepting any new registrations for PSiRA until we have cleared all the backlog for security company registrations. Once that has been sorted out, this notice would be removed and we may again be able to assist you.

Get The Right Support

At Tenderkom, We understand how challenging it can be to navigate through the requirements and that is why we provide a facilitation service to help Tenderpreneurs  and Entrepeneurs register successfully with PSiRA.



Our faciliatation service comprices of the following:

  • We consult with you to determine your eligibility for registration and whether all the documents required are available
  • We would then complete the application document the right way , contact the PSiRA office on your behalf and submit your application documents directly to PSiRA
  • PSiRA would then conduct a site visit to your offices before finalizing your application. Your office needs to have a a desk, a Chair, Working Landline phone, Lockable filing cabinet and a Personal Computer (Not a laptop, your PC must be immovable). PSiRA would contact you with respect to the site Visit
  • Once the Site visit has been conducted and you meet the requirements, Your security company regsitration would be finalised


With our documentation fee, we would provide you with the following documents if you don’t have them:

  • Company Registration Documents
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • VAT Registration Number
  • PAYE Number 
  • UIF Number
  • COIDA registration number- Cost excludes fee charged by department of labour to obtain the letter of good standing
  • Business Plan for 1 year
  • Drafting of declaration of a business’s capability to operate for the next year

Grading Fee (Grade E,D,C & B)

Should you require a security Grade B , contact us directly for assistance. Our Security Training provider would be able to assist and guide you throughout the training process. According to PSiRA, you cannot skip Grading and would thus need to Complete Grade E, D & C before completing Grade B. Each Grade Takes a Minimum of One Week To Complete and  One Week To Be Processed By PSIRA. Once the Processing is completed and the Learners Grading Level appears on PSIRA’s website the Learner may follow the application procedure to apply for their PSIRA Certificate and ID card.