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What Documents Are Required When Applying For A Tender

Having the right documents to accompany your tender application is the most decisive factor in winning that tender. Today, we bring to you everything you need to know. Below are all the documents you would ever require for a tender

  1. Company Registration Certificates
  2. Valid tax clearance certificate (Original – No copies permitted)
  3. Valid B-BBEE certificate.
  4. Central Supplier Database (CSD) Registration
  5. Invitation to bid (SBD 1)
  6. Declaration of interest (SBD 4)
  7. Preference Points Claim (SBD 6.1)
  8. Declaration of past supply chain management practices (SBD 8)
  9. Certificate of Independent Bid Determination (SBD 9)


You would also be required to consider the following depending on your industry although they are not applicable to all tenders

  1. PSiRA Registration – For Security Companies
  2. VAT Registration- For Security Companies but might also be required for other industries depending on the bid requirements
  3. Letter of Good Standing (COIDA) – Required depending on the bid requirements
  4. NCCA Registration- For Cleaning companies
  5. CIDB- For Construction Companies
  6. NHBRC Registration- For Construction Companies that deal in Home Building
  7. UIF Registration – Required depending on the bid requirements
  8. PAYE/UIF/SDL Registration – Required depending on the bid requirements

PLEASE NOTE: Additional documentation might be required for certain types of bids. If applicable the additional documents will be distributed as part of the tender / bid documentation.

NON-Government or Procuring Entities.

It is worth noting that non-government entities such as private or corporates might have their own requirements that are completely different from government standard documents. Below are the standard documentation required if dealing with private or non-government entities:

  1. Comapny Registration Certificate
  2. Certified ID or passport copies of Directors or members. Copies must not be more than 3 months old
  3. Certified copies Shareholders’ Certificates. Copies must not be more than 3 months old
  4. Letter of Good Standing- COIDA
  5. Letter of Good Standing- UIF
  6. Proof of Registration and  compliance with respective industry. For example, if you are a security company, you must provide proof that you are registered with PSiRA
  7. Proof of Public Liability Insurance of 1 mil and above
  8. Letter of Guarantee from a financial institution covering at least 3 months of operation cost or as per the bid document
  9. Latest 2 to 3 years reviewed or audited financial statements

BEE Certificate For SMEs (R300)

BEE Affidavit (Free)

Share Certificate (R300)

Business Profile (R500)

Personal or Employee Tax Registration (R250)

Import License OR Export License (From R1000)

Business Plan (From R3000)

NGO/NPO Registration (R1000)

Non-Profit Company- NPC Registration (R600)

NPO Tax Registration Number (R500)

PBO Tax Exemption (R1999)

Co-operative Registration Including Constitution ( R900)

Business Account (Free)

PAYE and UIF Registration -SARS (R500)

PAYE,UIF & SDL Registration -SARS (R700)

UIF Registration -Labour (R500)

Letter Of Good Standing -UIF (R500)

CSD Registration (R300)

COIDA Registration Only (R500)

Letter Of Good Standing-COIDA (R500)

COIDA Registration PLUS Letter Of Good Standing (R799)

CIDB Registration Grade 1 to 9 (From R1200)

Company Director Change (R400)

Company Address Change (R250)

Company Name Change (R600)

Annual Return (Our Fee- R250)

Drafting of Contracts & Partnership Agreements (FROM R700)