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Bank : FNB

Account Holder : Tenderkom

Account Number: 62878350067

Account Type : Cheque / Current

Branch Code: 250655

BEE Certificate For SMEs (R350)

BEE Affidavit Form- (Free)

Share Certificate (From R300)

Income Tax Return ( From R500 )

VAT Returns Per VAT Period ( R500 for zero return & R1500 for actual amount )

Employee Payslips ( From R300)

Financial Statements ( From R2500 )

Management Accounts (From R1500)

Payroll Tax Returns ( From R500 )

Employee IRP5 / Employer Recon (From R500 )

Monthly Bookkeeping Services (From R1500)

Raising of SARS Tax Objections ( From R1000 )

Application For Remittance of Penalty (From R500)

Company Director Change (R450)

Company Address Change (R250)

Company Name Change (R700)

Annual Return (Our Fee- R250)

Drafting of Contracts & Partnership Agreements (FROM R700)

Appointment of SARS Representative (R350)

Company Deregistration (R2000 excl Cost)

VAT Deregistration (R1000 Excl Outstanding Returns)

PAYE Deregistration (R1000 Excl Outstanding Returns)

COIDA Deregistration (R1000 Excl Outstanding Returns)

Update of SARS Registered Details (R300)

Retrieve of Company or SARS Documents (R250)

Convert A CC to Pty (R1500)

Customized MOI & MOI Registration (R3999)

Shelf Companies ( From R2500 )

Business Profile (R500)

Personal or Employee Tax Registration (R250)

Import License OR Export License (From R1000)

Business Plan (From R3000)

NGO/NPO Registration (R1000)

Non-Profit Company- NPC Registration (R600)

NPO & Trust Tax Registration Number (R500)

PBO Tax Exemption (R2499)

Co-operative Registration Including Constitution ( R900)

Business Account (Free)

PAYE and UIF Registration -SARS (R500)

PAYE,UIF & SDL Registration -SARS (R700)

UIF Registration -Labour (R500)

Letter Of Good Standing -UIF (R500)

CSD Registration (R300)

COIDA Registration Only (R500)

Letter Of Good Standing-COIDA (R500)

COIDA Registration PLUS Letter Of Good Standing (R799)

CIDB Registration Grade 1 to 9 (From R1200)

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